General rules

1. Comments to posts

The comments should be relevant with the article posted, not posted with the sole purpose of putting a link by complimenting the blog.

To build links we have added a special directory

2. Link Directory

We accept links to sites that comply with the selected category. reserves the right not to accept a site considered not suitable.

3. Refund

The refund will be made on Paypal.
The user can request a refund of the SEO package by sending an email within 48 hours and no later. To identify the payment by e-mail it is necessary that the e-mail correspond to the one used for registration on or it is necessary to provide the number corresponding to the transaction.

3. Respect for privacy respects the data of users who register and will not share data with third parties without their authorization.

4. Data processing reserves the right to modify or delete the data entered by users without notice in case it deems appropriate.
Or to block an account that is used suspiciously.