10 properties of celery that will amaze you

Properties of celery
Properties of celery

The beneficial properties of celery are many. Discover the less known and learn to use this vegetable to get benefits for your health and beauty.

Among the properties of celery there are some that maybe you did not know. It is native to southern Europe and was widely used in classical antiquity. His ancestors were wild plants, less fleshy and bitter. It can be very useful to include it in your diet due to its characteristics. Here are ten benefits of celery that maybe you did not know.

  1. Celery, laxative properties: acts as a powerful laxative. This is because it has large amounts of fiber, which works like a sponge that collects waste from the intestinal walls to slide the stool much more easily. By consuming it one can eliminate this discomfort in a very simple and natural way.
  2. Promotes weight loss: its composition is mostly water, almost 95%. Celery is one of the lightest vegetables that exists, especially for those who want to lose the extra pounds. For every 100 grams the celery of calories has only 16, so we can confirm that it is one of the plant foods with less calories and is recommended for people suffering from obesity problems.
  3. Celery, diuretic properties: according to studies, it has been discovered that this product contains selenium, limonene and asparagine, ie oils that act as stimulants for optimal activity of the kidneys, as well as potassium and sodium. In fact, it contributes to the process of removing excess fluid in the body.
  4. Inflammatory processes: it is highly recommended in diseases such as asthma, arthritis, bronchitis and even gout. You can take celery as an infusion (celery juice is really good) or simply incorporate it together with your daily diet.
  5. To prevent stomach and colon cancer: celery contains a group of components that have an anticancer effect and a diet containing a significant amount of celery can help protect against stomach cancer and cancer in the digestive tract.
  6. It improves kidney function: it is not only useful for preventing kidney stones, but it can also naturally stimulate the adrenal glands, which is why it is extremely effective in cases of jaundice or hepatitis.
  7. Celery, aphrodisiac properties: scientists have revealed that celery is an ingredient that regulates hormones in both men and women. Some studies speculate that it is able to eliminate frigidity and even fight erectile dysfunction.
  8. It eliminates and prevents calculations: in the same way it works against kidney stones, it also does it against gallstones in the kidney or urinary tract. By frequently consuming celery, it is possible to obtain an imminent elimination of toxins in the body, which is essential for breaking and eliminating the urinary stones in the gall bladder.
  9. Important antibacterial action: the celery of healing properties has many but you should also know that its juice has enormous antibacterial powers and it was discovered that, if taken frequently, it helps to treat gastrointestinal diseases, because thanks to its effect antibacterial can protect the mucosa of the stomach from external agents that could cause damage.
  10. Calms the nervous system: the juice contains a mineral alkaline, which is a component that has a calming and relaxing effect that is directly reflected on the nervous system. It is an excellent solution for all people who have suffered from an insomnia problem. For this problem, it is essential to drink at least one glass of celery juice every evening, preferably one hour before going to bed.

The celery, whose botanical name is Apium graveolens, is a vegetable typical of home cooking, unfailing, along with carrot and onion, in the classic sautéed. A herbaceous plant that grows wild in marshy and grassy areas, belongs to the family of the Umbelliferae and is native to the Mediterranean area, where it was known as a medicinal plant already in ancient Greece.

It is a food of which there are three varieties:

  • Celeriac – of which the large root is used, both raw and cooked
  • Celery dulce – from the thin root, of which the coasts are used
  • Celery cut – of which the leaves are used, with an intense flavor.

Although it looks like a common vegetable, without surprises, in reality there are many hidden benefits of celery, which in ancient times was also known as an aphrodisiac.

Since it is a seasonal vegetable in May, we want to find out more about the properties of celery.

“To understand the properties of celery, just take a look at its nutritional content”, highlights the doctor. In fact, it is a vegetable extremely rich in water, but in its composition we also find:

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Fibers
  • Vitamins C, E, K and B
  • Antioxidants.

“In addition, the calories of celery are few (20 per 100 grams of product), so it is a light and even satiating food”, emphasizes the interviewee.

Whether it is ribbed celery, widely used in cooking, or celeriac, root vegetable grown mainly in Northern Italy, there are many properties of celery, not yet sufficiently known and exploited, despite being a food used in herbal medicine and herbal.

Celery is one of the most appreciated foods even in detoxifying diets, thanks to its lightness and few calories, which make it a beneficial food.

Let’s see specifically all the properties of celery:

  • Against water retention, it is in fact diuretic
  • Purifying
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Rich in fiber – useful against constipation
  • Helps digestion
  • Reduces intestinal swelling
  • Fights hypertension
  • Useful in case of gastritis
  • Reduces inflammation in case of urinary and bladder problems
  • Has a protective action for the brain.
  • Among the active ingredients, it also contains essential oil, mainly composed of
  • limonene and saliene, which determine its characteristic odor, flavonoids and alkaloids.

“The digestive action – specifies the interviewee – is due to some molecules, including sedan, a stimulating substance, which enhances the absorption of intestinal gas”. In addition, its detoxifying power, combined with the vitamin A content, make it an excellent anti-inflammatory, not only for bladder problems, but also against acne and eye infections.

Regarding its ancient use as an aphrodisiac, the properties of celery in this case seem due to the presence of steroid delta-16 hormones, which stimulate the activity of the sexual glands.

So let’s see some last advice on how to use it in the kitchen.

Considering the excellent properties of celery, it is really worth putting it in a balanced and balanced diet. The nutritionist recommends using it “preferably raw, or steamed or in a pressure cooker”, in order not to disperse the precious nutrients. For the same reason, celery should be consumed within 4-5 days of purchase. The raw celery can be eaten before meals, in salads or in pinzimonio, or it can be used to make risotto, a hot or cold soup or a summer pasta like the half-penne with celery and peppers pesto. In the summer they are excellent also the centrifugated celery, quenching and purifying.

As for celeriac, although less known, it lends itself to many preparations and can be eaten raw, or baked, breaded and gratinated and even fried. We advise you to try the recipe of the celeriac turnip puddings, an appetizer with which you will amaze (and conquer) your guests.

“However – specifies the doctor – celeriac can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, so it is not recommended for those who are predisposed to food allergies and it is always better to contact your doctor”. In general, celery is usually not recommended during pregnancy.

The properties of celery make it a beneficial food, which we can access in an economical and practical way. Among the most used household foods that stand out for their excellent properties we also find garlic, considered a real natural antibiotic.


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