So I Turned Arrogance Into Kindness, Presumption Into Humility, Acedia In Solidarity


I spent too much time drowning in my sufferings, in a loneliness that extinguishes you slowly like a candle, and in a humiliating self-pity. Now time is up, it’s time to live! Now I no longer feel like a passive spectator of my life, I no longer want to look at myself while I inflict atrocious punishments; that self-destructive process is over, even if it has left deep and irreparable scars in me! Despite this I found myself, thanks to an endless series of circumstances that interacted with each other.

Love for myself mainly and respect for those who love you. Rediscover values such as friendship has been fundamental in my path of healing, solidarity as a point of support. But how many still have to find out? In those who are suffering in total solitude … a tomorrow, their “silent” shouts will have to go straight to the indifferent heart! And now, silence is staged! … please, listen. How many years will have to pass before removing the rubble of a dull life, the tumor brought only destruction and death of the soul. Rebuilding will be more difficult than to raze on the ground, we must restore the connections between the heart and the brain, between soul and self-esteem, between presumption and humility … every feeling and emotion must have the right place in a body to be recreated and a soul to regenerate.

I struggled so much to win tumors, I fought bitterly on different terrains, but my stubbornness, combined with a strong belief and confidence that came from the people around me, were a stepping stone to touch life with my hands , caress her, love her, respect her as never before … and do not betray her anymore …! If the tumors cease to mortify me, there are many hopes to which I cling and each has its own meaning: complete healing, forgiveness, the desire to live freely but without excesses (and this is what I am already doing). Being myself before «Gascon», transforming arrogance into kindness, presumption in humility, enthusiasm in enthusiasm, sloth in solidarity … Being able to combine love with respect and betrayal with forgiveness!

You can lead a life that goes beyond the expectations even in the presence of one or more tumors, the important thing is to believe in yourself, trust people who reach out to help you. The possibilities of a normal life are many, and I’m trying them all. It is clear that all this is possible only if life gives you a proof of appeal, only in this way can you demonstrate the changes and mistakes made will be the point from which to start, from which it is possible to shape a new man.


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