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They come from far away Peru: extracts of macao, alchechengi, amaranth and cacao return compactness to the skin off …

When Pizarro conquered the Inca empire he concentrated on the gold deposits to offer to the queen of Spain, but if he had deepened his exploration he would discover the true treasures of Peru: its natural products, powerful remedies for healthy, compact and resistant skin. One of the prerequisites of ancient Peruvian medicine is the maintenance of an organism full of energy and resistant to the passing of years: at Andean altitudes, where the Inca lived, it was very important to have food and herbs that would provide protection against aggression. of the cold. Unfortunately, it is not the case with most of the foods we consume today, such as refined carbohydrates, sugars and yeasts that, instead of bringing energy, unfortunately they subtract it. And less energy also means less defenses against free radicals and polluting factors that age the organism ahead of time. Let’s see how the Peruvian extracts can restore energy to the skin and to the whole organism.


In the morning, drink an Anti-oxidant shake

To start the day well, especially if you are over 40 years old and approach menopause, entrust yourself to physalis and maca powder: at breakfast or as a snack in the middle of the morning, drink a milkshake prepared with a cup of almond milk, half a banana , 5-6 berries of physalis and two teaspoons of maca powder. The yellow berry of alchechengi, similar to tomato and full of vitamin A and C and the famous enzyme “superoxydismutase”, fights the damage of free radicals, helps prevent cell degeneration and tone the skin from within, promoting the production of collagen . Maca powder is obtained from the root of an adaptogenic plant similar to ginseng grown over 4000 meters. It has an extraordinary content of essential amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin C which, acting in synergy, raise a shield against smog and free radicals.


Then apply the mask maca and cacao

If you want to use an external treatment because the skin is off and “slammed”, try this method: mix in a bowl half a tablespoon of white clay, half a tablespoon of maca powder and half a tablespoon of cacao powder in organic bitter powder. Emulsify with a little organic whole milk, moisturizing and nourishing, to form a thick and homogeneous cream. Apply to dry and clean face and leave for about 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and you will see the most radiant and toned skin. Maca acts on the loss of epidermal tone due to hormonal imbalances. Pure cacao, rich in antioxidant flavonoids, reduces the fine lines of the face and thanks to the theobromine improves the superficial cutaneous microcirculation.


Trust the amaranth, the invigorating cereal

After the maca and cocoa mask, deeply nourish the skin with amaranth oil. Amaranth – a cereal cultivated by the Inca for eight thousand years and now widespread throughout the planet – consume seeds that are similar to cereals, which is why it falls into the category without actually being part of it. Gluten-free and with a light walnut aftertaste, the amaranth brings minerals and proteins. If you suffer from high cholesterol or, more simply, if you want to nourish your skin from the inside, add the amaranth seeds to your soups or boil them and use them as a “base” for the cous cous.


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