Ideas For A Relax Zone At Home


The thousand work, family and social commitments make our days frantic, messy and super-stressful! Nowadays, stress is clinically recognized as one of the main evils for our health.

Reason why cut out some time for ourselves in the daily life is essential for stretching the nerves and regaining strength.

Not everyone and not always can afford holidays in exclusive locations or relax at a spa. With some small measures it will be possible to create a private space all for us where you can disconnect, even within the home.

Sofas & armchairs

Regardless of the space available, the fundamental element for a relaxing area of great respect is represented by a really comfortable seat able to make everything more pleasant, relaxing and welcoming.

A comfortable armchair, reclining or with pouf, is the best choice for small spaces; perfect to relax and indulge in what we like most like reading, writing, listening to music, watching a good movie, enjoying our favorite drink or sweets.

If you are lucky enough to have more square meters available, you can also opt for a beautiful sofa with chaise longue that will give the environment a touch of style as well as obviously a lot of comfort.

Ah and do not forget … the pillows! Go-ahead to those soft, colorful and many shapes and textures because in addition to embellishing the relaxation area will come back very useful when you want to stretch out.


The real secret to making the environment relaxing and creating a deep atmosphere of peace and tranquility is: taking care of the lighting.

The lights must be adjusted in line with the activity to be carried out: soft light to reconcile rest or meditation or more intense light for reading, sewing, etc.

If the relaxation area is near sources of natural light, I suggest you place curtains so that you can adjust the intensity of light as you like. In all other cases, floor lamps or bajours with the lighting controller will be perfect.


The furniture for the relaxation area must not be cumbersome but rather minimal. Order and emptiness help to achieve inner peace and calm the mind; vice versa, disorder predisposes to nervousness, restlessness and anxiety.

Promoted the tables with clean lines on which to place books, magazines, candles, a jar of cookies, drinks in short everything that can promote your relaxation. If you have little space, you can opt for shelves so you have what you want close at hand.

Prints or canvas paintings with natural panoramas will make your relaxation even more enjoyable.

Finally, remember to take advantage of the power of colors to relax, regain energy and remove stress. For example you can color a single wall close to the sofa / chair or use the curtains of the color you prefer.

Spa atmosphere

To make the relaxation area even more relaxing and create a more intimate and welcoming environment, you can not miss: candles, perfumed essences, music, houseplants or fresh flowers … a fairytale atmosphere will immediately pervade the surrounding space.


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