Grapes beneficial properties for our health and beauty


The grape has properties and benefits recognized since ancient times. It is the fruit of a plant belonging to the Vitaceae family. It is composed of many berries or grains, attached to a stalk that together form a bunch. Used mainly for the production of wine, but also for food consumption such as fruit, both fresh and dried. There are two species of grapevine most important for the production of grapes. Vitis vinifera, native to Europe and western Asia, from which all the vines reserved for the production of wine grapes and table grapes are derived. The Vitis labrusca, of smaller importance, native to North America, destined to the production of table grapes in a more marginal way.

Italy is the first producer of table grapes in the world and the main producing regions are Apulia and Sicily. Among the main varieties of table grapes: Italy, Vittoria, Regina, for white grapes. Muscat of Hamburg, Red Globe and Rosada for red grapes.

The grapes have antioxidant properties and directly assimilable sugars

Grape consumption is not recommended for diabetic individuals due to the high amount of sugar contained in it. It is indeed very rich in directly assimilable sugars. It also contains organic acids, mineral salts such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, silicon, chlorine, arsenic, vitamins A, group B and C, tannins in the peel and polyphenols. It is important to remember that the composition and taste of the grapes vary a lot according to the production area, the climatic conditions and the variety.
The antioxidants contained in grape juice are particularly effective and help body detoxification.

Grapes: properties for the beauty of the skin

The resveratrol that is found in the peel and in the seeds of the red grape in particular, is a phenol which is attributed the action of fludification of the blood. It can therefore limit the onset of thrombotic plaques. A grape contains all the nutrients and active ingredients that can regenerate and moisturize the skin. It was not by chance that it was already used in Roman times. The seeds contain essential fatty acids essential for the correct formation and reconstitution of the skin. The pure-reduced berries, applied to the skin of the face and neck, have an astringent and revitalizing effect. Grapes are particularly effective and help body detoxification.

For health
This fruit is indicated in cases of anemia and fatigue, arthritis, varicose veins, hyperazotemia, skin diseases. It also has antioxidant and anticancer properties, mainly due to the content of polyphenols and resveratrol. Grapes have antiviral properties. Thanks to the content of tannic acid and phenol, able to counter the herpes simplex virus. Grapes are a highly digestible fruit and have different therapeutic properties. Has diuretic and slightly laxative effect. Facilitates the digestive process. It helps the body to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and to eliminate uric acid, thus keeping gout off.

Few people know that grapes are one of the few fruits containing boron, which facilitates the assimilation of calcium and the deposition inside the bone tissue. It is therefore ideal for menopausal women due to the effect of increasing the level of estrogen. In addition to being eaten naturally, it can be used to prepare sweets, jams and sorbets. On the market there is also dried grapes which, however, are considerably more caloric than fresh grapes.


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