Carbohydrates or fats, who hurts? A study reveals this to the general amazement


In an article appearing on the ANSA in August 2017 we talk about the European cardiology conference held a few days before in Barcelona and, in particular, the new research on macro-nutrients most harmful to the body, comparing carbohydrates and fat. “The main killers for the heart are not fats, but carbohydrates, that is carbohydrates”, writes the famous Italian press agency, which then explains the report of the congress.

Following the PURE study (Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology), conducted in Ontario at the University of Hamilton, the result is that carbohydrates are more harmful to the heart and not the fats that, if saturated, contribute to a 21% reduction in stroke risk and “would not improve people’s health,” said Mahshid Dehghan, a researcher at the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University.

On the other hand, there would be advantages in the “reduction of carbohydrates below 60% of the total daily energy requirements and with the increase of fat up to 35%”, is the result of the analyzes carried out on a sample of over 135,000 people from eighteen countries to different incomes.

High carbohydrate intake would increase the risk of cardiovascular mortality. Instead, according to the study and not without surprise (on the part of the scholars themselves first of all), the intake of fats would entail lower risks.

“Individuals at the high end of fat consumption – ANSA reports – showed a 23% reduction in the risk of total mortality, but also a reduction of 18% of the risk of stroke and 30% of the risk of mortality due to causes not Cardiovascular: Each type of fat was associated with the reduction of mortality risk: minus 14% for saturated fats, minus 19% for monounsaturated fats, minus 29% for polyunsaturated fats “, is what we read.


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