Perfect legs and buttocks with pumpkin


The queen at the end of summer leaves the garden and arrives at the table to give tone to the fabrics: but the surprises of the pumpkin do not end here …

At the end of the holidays, thanks to outdoor activities, swimming in the sea and sun exposure, the legs are slender and tanned, the toned and firm buttocks. Cellulite is also less evident. To preserve all the benefits that summer has given your body, you can rely on the pumpkin. It is a vegetable with extraordinary anti-bearing properties, enclosed in the pulp and seeds. You can take advantage of its reshaping effectiveness both with compresses and scrubs, or taking it every day at the table.

Its pulp smoothes the skin
Pumpkin pulp is a concentrate of protective and regenerating substances. In fact, it contains a powerful mix of vitamins and carotenoids (in particular, vitamin A and beta-carotene), mineral salts, mucilage and lots of water. Applied to the skin as a cosmetic, the fresh grated and blended pulp also has a flaming effect.
Result: the skin is softer and the imperfections of cellulite are less visible.

The oil prolongs the tan
Pumpkin seeds also have an important cosmetic effect. You get an oil (excellent on the body but also on the face) which is a real beauty lotion for the skin. It contains cucurbitin, vitamins A, E, B and some minerals such as copper, selenium, manganese and zinc. But above all, linoleic acid: a substance that strengthens the skin structure and relieves inflammation which, not surprisingly, is the origin of the orange peel.

First it takes the remodeling scrub
For a scrub that returns elasticity to the fabrics, combines the pumpkin with the coffee grounds. Pumpkin has an anti-inflammatory action, while caffeine dissolves fat pads. The mix has a vasoconstrictive effect that protects the capillaries and limits the damage caused by sun exposure. Do this. Amalgam a half cup of grated pumpkin and smoothie, 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 of pumpkin seed oil and a teaspoon of honey. Mix well and apply the mixture starting from the ankles, then back up to the legs, thighs and buttocks. Rub the skin at critical points for a few minutes. Wait 5 minutes and rinse.

Then the anti-inflammatory mask
To counteract the hard and granular cellulite, do so: frulla 200 g of boiled pumpkin pulp, cold, together with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 5 drops of rosemary essential oil. Apply the mixture on the critical points, wrap the skin in a sheet of transparent film, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse and moisturize the skin with a tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil. The pumpkin pulp has a draining effect, nourishes the skin and gives it a younger and more relaxed appearance.


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