6 natural remedies to cleanse the body


Regularly cleanses the body to keep the body clean environment preventing fatigue, disease and slowing down the aging of tissues: here are the most suitable remedies

Our body is the perfect result of a complex system of balances. It may happen that some functions of the organism are slowed down and that in some moments our organs do not work at best: this is almost always due to an accumulation of toxins, or waste substances, which pollute the body environment. In these cases the body can not perform its tasks and the result is that we are not well: we feel tired, without forces, exhausted. We must take care of the body in order to help it eliminate what is intoxicating it and that it returns to function optimally.
An intoxicated body is the ideal environment for the development of various diseases as well as premature aging of tissues. From this point of view, purification assumes great preventive and anti-aging value for the whole body.
As a first step we must remember that to maintain a clean body it is necessary to practice regular physical activity and follow a balanced diet. Incorrect feeding increases the release of toxic substances into the body.

To purify the body nothing is better than water: if we drink so much water we help the organs to wipe away the waste.
In addition, to purify the body it is necessary to use substances that stimulate the so-called excretory organs, among which we can remember for example the liver, the intestine, the kidneys: they are tissues responsible for the disposal of waste substances.

Here are some natural remedies to detoxify our body

Chlorophyll to cleanse the liver
Chlorophyll is the green sap of plants. It has many therapeutic virtues and brings great benefits to our body, also in terms of purification.
In fact, it purifies the liver and helps it to dispose of toxins, it also intensifies the oxygen supply to the cells. It has a great antioxidant effect as it captures free radicals: for this reason it is an excellent anti-aging agent.
Chlorophyll, which is naturally present in green leafy vegetables, can be taken as a supplement in liquid extract in the morning on an empty stomach.

The nettle infusion removes the toxins of the blood
Nettle has always been used to detoxify the body due to its great purifying power: it cleanses blood from toxins and acid metabolites. It also stimulates the kidneys helping them to expel waste substances.
To prepare a nettle purifying herbal tea, boil half a liter of water, turn off the heat and pour a tablespoon of dried leaves. Wait 10 minutes, filter and drink. This remedy can be used twice a day before meals.

Herbal tea with horsetail stimulates the function of the kidneys
Horsetail stimulates the activity of the kidneys and this is one of the most suitable herbs for purification.
To prepare the tea, pour a cup of cold water and a spoonful of horsetail into a saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it brew for 10 minutes. At this point, filter and drink. This purifying remedy should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

Aloe vera to clean up the intestine
Aloe was considered by the most ancient traditions a panacea. One of its most visible effects is deep purification.
Aloe cleans and activates the intestine, cleanses the liver and cleans the blood. Pure aloe vera juice, a fasting spoon in the morning, or to prepare smoothies or detox extracts can be used.

Dandelion, the natural diuretic
Dandelion is a well-known purifying and protective remedy of the liver, as well as being an effective diuretic and laxative.
To prepare a dandelion herbal tea bring to the boil 25 cl of water, then remove from heat and pour into a cup. Add a tablespoon of toasted dandelion root, let infuse 5 minutes, filter and drink


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