The Dukan Diet


The Dukan diet

The Dukan method aims to offer a way to lose weight naturally, with the return to the founding food of the human species, those of the first men, hunters and gatherers, ie, proteins and vegetables, 100 foods, 72 of which come from the animal world and 28 from the vegetable one. This offer contains a magic mention: “AT WILL”.

The method is carried out through 4 phases from the strongest, framed and effective to the most open and stabilizing. 4 phases that succeed to reach the ideal goal: to lose weight naturally, quickly, stabilizing the weight obtained over time.

1 – A short and dazzling ATTACK phase, with immediate results. During this phase the diet consists of 72 foods based on pure proteins.

2 – A CRUISE phase that leads directly to the Right Weight. During this phase, the diet includes alternating days of Pure Protein food (known as “PP days”) and days of protein accompanied by the 28 recommended vegetables (known as “PV days”).

3 – A 10-day CONSOLIDATION phase per pound lost which marks a first return towards a balanced diet. A controlled freedom whose goal is to consolidate this recently conquered and still vulnerable weight. This phase sees the progressive return of pleasure food with the two gala meals.

4 – A phase of definitive STABILIZATION based on 3 simple, concrete rules that are not bothersome but not negotiable. This phase is the easiest part, but at the same time the most indispensable part of our weight loss method because 95% of the people who follow a diet then recover the lost weight.

Today, the Dukan diet is translated into 10 languages ​​and spread to more than 20 countries including countries of different cultures such as Korea, Russia or Bulgaria.

All these subjects together have made Dr. Pierre Dukan say during a medical conference: “Such mobilization by the users conquered by my method, such a powerful and contagious expansion to overcome frontiers and cultural differences and that it enjoys the support of the medical class make me think that maybe I put my hand on a universal dimension of weight loss. The approach to a natural diet to counter a cultural drift linked to the abundance that causes the overweight problems we know in today’s world “.

The effectiveness that everyone recognizes in the Dukan method is due, among other factors, to the fact that it allows overweight people to follow this diet without quantitative constraints and eating to satiety.

Dr. Pierre Dukan has conducted extensive research to identify foods that have a reduced intake of lipids (fats) and carbohydrates (sugars), and whose high protein intake is essential to our body given the immense nutritional qualities of proteins.

Following these researches, Dr. Dukan has defined a list of 100 foods that can be consumed at will including:

72 foods of animal origin rich in proteins that can be consumed starting from the attack phase

28 foods of vegetable origin that can be consumed starting from the cruising phase


Horse steak – Beef steak – Bresaola – Rabbit – Beef tenderloin – Veal steak – Veal liver – Beef fillet – Beef tongue – Cooked ham without fat and rind – Veal kidney – Rosbif – Veal escalope – Rump steak – Game


Ostrich steak – Guinea fowl – Chicken liver – Cockerel – Pigeon – Chicken – Turkey and chicken ham – Quail – Turkey


Cephalus – Grouper – Dentex – Haddock – Halibut – Limanda – Fresh cod – Hake – Sea bream – Emperor fish – Swordfish – Monkfish – Breed – Turbot – Salmon and smoked salmon – Sarago – Sardine – Mackerel – Sole – Sea bass or sea bass – Surimi – Tuna and tuna in the natural – Mullet – Trout


Lobster – Lobster – Squid – Scallops – Mussels – Heart of the sea – Shrimps – Crab – Oysters – Octopus – Sea urchin – Scampi – Cuttlefish – Clams


Tofu – the seitan

Low-fat dairy products
Slightly fresh cheese – 0.2% spreadable cheese – Light milk flakes – Skimmed milk – 6% ricotta – Natural low fat yoghurt or flavored with aspartame


Eggs – The konjac


Asparagus – Beetroot – Broccoli – Artichoke – Carrot – Cauliflower – Brussels cabbage and sprouts – Cabbage-turnip – Cucumber – Onion – Palm heart – Green beans – Fennel – Mushrooms – Endive – Valerian salad – Lettuce – Eggplant – Pepper – Tomato – Leek – Rhubarb – Radishes – Celery – Soy – Spinach – Pumpkin – Courgette

The new foods in the Dukan method

The konjac (Shirataki) at will. We are talking about a very precious food, rich in fiber and therefore able to stimulate intestinal transit, exerting a satiating action at every meal. This tuberous plant comes from Asia (China and Japan) and is currently reworked as pasta (specifically, spaghetti) completely free of calories.

The olive oil (1 teaspoon a day) for its important intake of omega 3, polyphenols and vitamin E (anti-oxidants), all essential elements for our health, is authorized since the cruise phase.


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