Natural Remedies For Having The Flat Stomach


Abdominal swelling is a disorder opposed by those who want a flat stomach. In addition to causing a sense of heaviness, the swollen belly is experienced as a discomfort especially in spring when we start thinking about the costume trial that awaits us in a few months.

It is good to clarify the difference between belly swollen and fat in the abdomen: the first is created when the intestinal gas exceeds 0.5-1.5 liters, the amount that is normally able to dispose of, while the accumulation of fat on the belly – more frequent in men than in women – is related to a few extra pounds. In general, disposing of fat on the abdomen is easy if it exceeds 2-3 kilos and is followed by a program of exercises and targeted diet, while a more important overweight requires medical guidance from the specialist in nutrition and nutritionism.

Diet for the flat stomach

Without the necessary premises to avoid the recourse to a do-it-yourself diet, if the belly is a constant disorder it would be good to perform the analysis to ascertain the presence of diseases or food allergies and intolerances that can also occur with the retention of gas intestinal diseases, such as lactose intolerance.

Excluding the medical cause, you can proceed with the selection of foods to be included in the diet for the flat stomach, where by diet means a healthy diet that respects the energy and nutritional needs of the individual: ours are general indications and good advice sense.

Who periodically has a swollen belly must avoid the consumption of refined flours and sugars, sweets, legumes, vegetables such as broccoli, potatoes, cabbage and cauliflower, watermelon, dairy products, animal fats and processed preparations, and limit the consumption of dried fruit. To have a flat stomach is good to bring to the table pineapple, avocado, papaya, grapes, kiwi, blueberries, vegetables with broad leaves, artichokes, white meat and lean, such as turkey and blue fish, bread and wholemeal pasta.

To reach the flat stomach goal, you also need to cook food in a healthy way – no frying, yes to steaming – use raw dressing – extra virgin olive oil and lemon – to distribute meals throughout the day to eat little and often, and consume the fruit away from lunch and dinner to not fatigate digestion. Last caution is to dine at least 3 hours before going to bed so as to prevent insomnia and promote digestion because, you know, the metabolism slows down while you sleep.

Natural remedies for flat stomach

The liquids deserve a separate mention. The swollen, tense and painful tummy is also due to constipation and drinking a little water. To feel better, you need to reverse bad habits: avoid constipation by choosing foods rich in fiber that promote intestinal transit, and drink 2 liters of water a day to hydrate the body and counteract water retention, among the main causes of both cellulite and of the sense of swelling.

To get a flat stomach, there are a few but effective natural remedies for the deflated stomach. In the 2 liters of daily liquids it is good to introduce also the fennel, linden or mallow tea, all plants with known digestive and purifying properties. It can also be useful to use fennel seeds to dress the salad or in addition to other food preparation ingredients. The infusion with artichoke leaves has a beneficial effect on the liver because it helps to expel excess toxins that help to create abdominal swelling.

Another natural and pleasant remedy to have a flat stomach is to massage the belly by squeezing it between the fingers with a slight but firm pressure so as to stimulate local microcirculation. Walking in nature and enjoying a relaxing moment every day has a beneficial effect on body and mind because it releases tension and stress accumulated during the day and contributes to abdominal swelling.

Exercises for the flat stomach

Just as the diet does not guarantee results without constant physical activity, in the same way the advice to have a flat abdomen can not ignore the indication of some targeted exercises.

Walking briskly every day for 30 minutes, doing aerobic sports such as step, running, exercise bike and volleyball are pleasant and healthy activities to include in your routine. To have a flat stomach, however, you must work hard with specific exercises, that is, doing the high, low and side abdominals.

Having sculpted abdominals means to constantly perform some exercises that stimulate the abdomen up, in fact, to sculpt them. This enviable result is achieved thanks to the strengthening of the abdominal rectum, a unique muscle that – contrary to what one might think – can not be divided into upper and lower abdominals: to say the opposite is as inconsiderate as saying tall chest and low chest.

The abdominal rectum consists of two different types of muscle fiber: for 50% it is composed of white fiber, fast and characterized by strength and explosiveness; the remaining 50% is determined by red, slow and resistant fiber. The set of white and red fibers that form the abdominal rectum can be trained with low and high repetition sessions. The abdominal quality is obtained through hypertrophic training that involves both the abdominal and oblique and transverse rectum.

In order to level the abdomen and obtain sculpted abs, at the previous it is necessary to combine a general aerobic activity and a targeted diet prescribed by special dieticians for the reduction of adipose tissue.

Before starting the training of the abdominal rectum, it is necessary to know that the result also depends very much on mother nature, that is, on the epidermis with which we are born.



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