Obesity: Excessive Accumulation of Fat


Obesity is reached when excessive amounts of fat accumulate in the subcutaneous tissues. In general, a patient defines himself as obese when his weight exceeds 20 percent that considered normal for a subject of similar height and body. The accumulation of fat is due to the ingestion of quantities of food higher than those necessary to produce the energy necessary for the performance of daily activities.


Because we become obese
In some cases obesity is a hereditary factor: it is estimated that the children of obese parents in 40-80% of cases will develop the same problem. In other cases, you can become obese for eating disorders or wrong eating habits such as eating food out of a meal (sweet drinks, snacks, ice cream), high consumption of fried foods, sausages, cheeses, fatty meat, sweets and carbonated drinks , low consumption of fruit and vegetables; in other cases, obesity can also derive from hormonal problems.


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Obesity is the most widespread nutritional disease in recent years, with a particularly high incidence in Western countries, known as “well-being”. Obesity in most cases not only leads to disorders, but also other serious conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease (stroke) and diabetes, often due to mortality. The first recommended treatment to heal is to lose weight, possibly followed by a dietician who gives the basic rules for proper nutrition. There is also the possibility of inserting an intragastric balloon into the stomach to give a feeling of fullness and to encourage the patient to eat less: it is a non-surgical technique because the balloon is introduced through the oral cavity. The balloon technique, in order to be successful, must be associated with a balanced hypocaloric diet and an integrated program of physical activity and behavioral therapy.
In cases where surgery is required, the most commonly used technique is gastric banding: it is a restrictive procedure that involves placing a silicone ring around the upper part of the stomach, near the esophagus.
Obesity is even better cured in time when it occurs during childhood: in children and adolescents, in fact, in addition to causing improper development, with a predisposition to future diseases, can also trigger psychological and relational problems of anxiety and depression.


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